Plugins V11 don't install on PC

I try to install the V11 plugins on my computer by waves central, it looks like normal but the plugins don’t appear in Waves folder and then they don´t appear on DAW.

Does anyone know what can be happening?

Hi @isaacseven.audio, welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the Forum!

Find the correct article to help find plugins in your specific DAW here:

If you still can’t find them, please reach out to our tech support, they will get you up and running :slight_smile:


I already did that. Actually the problem is with the installation. I install by Waves central but the plugins don’t appear in waves folder. So they are not being installed.


Same problem here.
The plugins are activated but doesn’t install and nothing happens even the software saying that plugin was succefully installed.
The “activated” column is checked but in the “installed” column nothing change.

I really need a help

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Hey @dicaetano,

Please call or write Tech Support and they will assist you in the quickest way possible.


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