Help! I broke NLS auto-increment with "Save Default Preset"

Hello! I’ve come to rely on Waves NLS but my favorite console is Nevo and it defaults to Spike.

So I clicked “Nevo” and chose “Save as default preset.”

Now the auto-increment when I add NLS to a bunch of tracks at once is broken! Is there a way to restore the original behavior? (To be clear, I’m referring to how it used to choose the next preset automatically when adding to many tracks at once: Spike01, Spike02, Spike03, etc. After setting the default preset it no longer does that.)

I realize I made a big mistake because I should have just changed the console in the NLS Bus but I didn’t. I need to remove my “default preset” which broke the original functionality!

Thanks in advance!

Whew! I figured out the solution. I’m responding here to help anyone else that runs into the same issue.

If you ever change the default preset in Waves NLS and need to restore the original behavior, simply delete this file:

C:\Users\Public\Waves Audio\Plug-In Settings\NLS Startup Preset.xps

While the ability to “Set Default Preset” is very helpful in most Waves plugins, I do NOT recommend it for NLS because you’ll lose the feature that automatically increments the channel number when applying the plugin to many tracks at once.

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Yeah I did the same a number of years back, though I used Logic’s press system. After deleting it’s default press I was able to return the status back to normal.

I just found it hard to “reset” the incremental system. What you have to do, though, is remove every instance including the Buss plugins. It turns out that was the buss plugins was causing me the issues there.

Thanks Simon.

Just to confirm, for me – deleting C:\Users\Public\Waves Audio\Plug-In Settings\NLS Startup Preset.xps returned the incremental system! (WHEW.)

Now if only I could get it to default to Nevo instead of Spike…

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The only quick and fast way I can think of is to assign them all to a group and adjust the group settings. Even if you disable the group setting after that is done.

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