Do you use the waves preset system?

Hi Guys,

Do you find yourself using the Waves preset system? do you tend to use the DAW preset system more often?

Please share with us.


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Hi @Shai_Waves and welcome to the forum!

To be honest, often I use Cubase preset system, because you can also save presets for whole tracks, but I like Waves preset system too, because I can save and load presets in XPS format (kind of XML) and keep them in the same project folder as all other project data. This way I can archive projects with all needed presets intact.

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It’s great working with presets, either across multiple platforms on the same computer or on multiple computers. I think it’ll be great if more of our users will be familiar with the Waves System Bar which can be accessed directly from the plug-ins. The manual is available at the following link.
Waves System Bar

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I’m curious, is there some kind of a user preset bay/server that users can save presets into then quickly distribute settings into multiple machines or even share with others ?

I use both methods, Waves and DAW, it really depends on the project and specific needs each method has its own pros and cons so I choose wisely when needed.
Nuendo (my prime host) also have an insert plugin chain save so I can save a complete channel plugin treatment in one go instead of saving plugins one by one I can save and load even ten plugins with two clicks but if I need to move between DAW/NLE only Waves preset system is the way to go.

I don’t save many presets, a few. I tend to wait till I’ve done a similar thing a few times before I make it a preset. I prefer to use Logic’s system if I can, but it hasn’t been syncing well with V10.

So I’ve taken to doing both at the moment, whenever I can.

No, but that is a fantastic idea. Of course you and the community are more than welcome to share presets here in the forum :slight_smile:

I really like that feature in Steinberg hosts, and Protools just caught up and added track presets as well!

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Yes finally, boy they are slow.

Actually, I don’t know who broke it Apple or Waves, but, I wish they’d fix the plugin setting’s "location problem.

I always start with a “preset” and then typically tweak on a case by case basis. I don’t typically save my tweaks, because I just use the base preset and go from there. In most cases, no two songs are the same, so why create a bunch of user presets I may not use again? I do, however, create Plug in Chains in Studio One. I have Vocal Chains, Guitar Chains and Mastering Chains. But like using single plugins, I typically go into each link of the chain and make tweaks.

I find the presets a great place to start. When I get a new plugin I usually run thru the presets to give me a good idea of what the plugin can do. Taking note of how the various controls are moved to make changes. From there I modify as required for the sound I’m after, or to adjust the levels so as not to overload, will re-save with 1,2,or 3 versions. Some of them have become my favorites as is. I own most of the waves plugins, with: Mercury, Abbey Road and SSL 4000. They provide me with a fantastic collection. If U haven’t already done so download the additional presets waves offers for FREE (under Free Downloads). Presets are particularly great for the instruments.

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Actually, preset saving seems to be fixed for me. I don’t really know what happened or why it’s no longer an issue.

Hi. I usually start with presets when I use reverb, or amp sims, to have a starting point. Then I use the Waves preset system.
I have saved some Console 1 presets that I use a bit (my voice preset is always my starting point on my vocal tracks. Some bass, kick, snare, toms presets (for certain type of songs)).
I use track templates in CbB, and import song data in S1 when needed, but most of the time I start from scratch.
All the best

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