TG Mastering Chain - Add Reset Module to Contextual Menus

Each module in the chain supports a contextual menu when it is right-clicked. I am very disappointed to learn that there is no RESET MODULE, or similar, in the menu choices. This would be super beneficial as sometimes you just wish to reset all of the parameters in that one module and not the others. Since Waves does not support Ctrl+click like most DAWs, it’s too time consuming to double-click each knob and type in 0.

Actually its my understanding that “Option/Alt+Click” was the standard, though I find there are companies that do vary from that. I believe Waves is the Option+Click crowd though.

Although, it would be quite helpful to have a reset function for each module regardless.

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You’re right. I think I got confused with the Control+Click thing. I could have sworn it worked, but it’s double-clicking in Ableton Live and Cakewalk Sonar that reset values. Third-Party VST’s seems to use varying methods.

ALT+click on PC works to reset each knob in the TG Mastering Chain (and other Waves plugins as well).

I should also say that clicking on the numbers of around each knob can quickly select what value you want, including zero, so that’s an option too.

But still, it’s weird that they didn’t include a reset for each module.


Man it happens to me all the time. I wish everyone did stick to the one convention. In my mind it would be the same convention that Logic follows, being Option+Click. But I imagine other DAWs have their own conventions further complicating the matter.

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