Issues Wave Plugin with Adobe Premiere

Hi there, I would love to know if there is a way to fix the wave plugins at Adobe Premiere. What is happening is that all the plugins doesn’t set the settings after my adjustment correctly.

For exemple: I’m using the X-noise at the master track (adobe premiere), set everything at the plugin and play the video to continue editing, this works fine.

The problem is: when I cut some tracks at my timeline on premiere or simply try to edit x-noise or any other Wave plugin that I have, the plugin doesn’t save the settings that I had adjusted before. And I have to re-set again, over and over again every time that I open the plugin.

What I’m doing wrong here?
Thank you all.

Oh man, that sounds like a huge pain. I can understand why it would be frustrating. I assume Premiere and your Waves plugins are up to date?? It may be that you need Version 11.

Short of that it may be worthwhile leaving some feedback online with their tech team. Either they will have a solution for you or add it to their list of things to fix. Either way, the responds would seem pretty positive.

Until then perhaps you can try a workaround. Try writing every parameter you changed as automation/animation/key-framing. If you have a number or regions try selecting them all and adding the automation at the same time. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just key frames right at the start should be enough.


Thank you Simon!

Yes, it is very frustrating indeed. All the plugins are the Version 11, but i just did the update at Wave Central and it worked with X-noise, but with the LL-multi doesnt’t work. So I’ll keep testing because this is a unknown, will also contact the support, maybe they can fix in the future this issue.

Thank you so much for your thoughts!

Hi @asmrlanasalturas, please do contact support about this. I am not familiar with this issue.

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It does sound like a bit of an odd thing. At least you have had partial success.

It’s possible that Waves’ may have a majority of DAW testers, but not enough people testing NLEs. That’s understandable, given the nature of how audio plugins are utilised usually.

If that’s the case I think it would probably help them if you report any Premiere issues you find. You can’t fix a problem if you’re not aware of the issue.

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All You have to do is put the Automation from Touch to Off

Tell me it fixed your problem

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