Not dropping the ability to access presets through the plugin wrappers in other DAWs. It is a big step backwards in terms of accessibility

I’m a blind user. There are a lot of problems in terms of accessibility with third party plugins for Us blind musicians/producers. I originally tried to link a video here to demonstrate some of the issues but I’m not allowed to as a new poster. It can be found by searching the problem with third party plugins for blind and VI musicians on YouTube.
The two major problems are presets not being visible the hosts plugin wrapper. (We don’t have access to the GUI.) and the sliders that take the place of knobs and other elements in the GUI moving in tiny increments such as 0.001 with each arrow press Which means that adjusting parameters is extremely time consuming.

Until V12, Waves were usable in that the presets were visible to Logic in its plugin wrapper. We have no way to access the GUI and so now have no way of accessing the presets or the preset browser through the Waves menu bar. The small moving increment problem is present in all Waves plugins (demonstrated in the video linked above)

Please consider making these presets available the way that they used to be in addition to through the preset browser. I bought CLA Epic and am sad that I now no longer at least have access to the presets in addition to having to work with the incredibly slow moving sliders. This is a massive step backwards in terms of accessibility and I really really hope that something can be done to prevent this.


I’m glad this is being brought up by other VI users. I’m also a blind producer, and honestly this lack of access to presets plus the small slider increments is putting me off looking in to Waves products. I’m not going to buy something I can’t easily use.

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I think you make a valid point here, though I can’t process to being blind myself, well maybe after an exceptional amount of alcohol!! :wink:

I’m just another dude that meanders these pages, though I’ll tag some guys who I think might be able to help you get this sorted with may be more than a link to their Tech Support page.

@OmryWaves, @OdelWaves??

Hi @liamjhackett1,

I believe this is the video you are referring to,, but it demonstrated on a different 3rd party’s plugin.

In any case, I am sorry to hear you are experiencing a step backwards and thanks for the feedback.
I will pass this on to our developers, although I cannot promise a fix or ETA for one in the near future.

Hey Yishai,

Thanks for the reply!
Yes, the demonstration was done with a different companies plugin. I used that one as it has both the issue of presets not being visible and also slow moving sliders. At the time, I didn’t know waves were removing the presets with V12 plugins and so the slider problem was the only issue rather than both which is now the case.
Waves plugins behave the same way as the one demonstrated in the video. Thank you for taking the time to watch it and pass the info on! I really appreciate that! It’s nice to know it’s been noted!
Happy new year to you! :slight_smile:

Hello, I too am a blind musician and producer. The points brought up in this post are correct. These features are very important to blind musicians using waves products with a screen reader. Thank you to the post author for bringing this issue to the attention of waves.

@YishaiWaves… How is it even possible that I forget to tag you, man!! :flushed::rofl:

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