Waves Harmony new instant harmonising via MIDI keyboard

Hi friends,
Waves Harmony is great indeed, but I mostly use it as a keyboard player, and the way I intend to create harmonies with it is by playing them on keys in real time.
What I’m missing for the moment is a mode where midi notes would be transposing the original signal instead of generating fixed notes.
To explain a little further,
Harmonies create intervals according to what the singer is singing,.
Note played on the keyboard are playing fixed notes, No matter what note the singer sings, making it sound more like a vocoder, instead of transposing the voice to intervals.
what I would like to achieve is the latter. I.e., instead of having my midi keyboard trigger fixed notes, I would like to be able to use keys to transpose polyphonicly in real time.
For example, the central key, (C3), would result in No transposition, playing E3 would create a third, playing G3 would create a fifth, playing G2 would
create a fourth below and so on.
It can already be done by programming Harmonies on the plug-in’s interface, but doing it with keys would be so much quicker and intuitive, at least for keyboard players…
I hope you enjoy this request and if you do, please 2nd me on it so that it becomes a reality in a future update.
Kind regards,