Grand Rhapsody upper octave samples with reverb?

Hi there, everybody on the forum,

my first visit, after many years of being a Waves user:

In my version of Grand Rhapsody ( Build E 147578), all notes from G#’’’ upwards do have a reverb on them.
I tried between HD and SD, all kinds of presets, with keyboard or on the screen, but it is always the same:
dry sound from the lowest note through G’’’, sound with some room on the ones above there.

Can anybody confirm?
Do I have wrong samples, or wrong settings, or is it a bug or something similar?

Thanks for having a quick look into this!

Hi @hunsitho and Welcome to Waves Forum :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate on which octave are you experiencing this reverb?

Also try opening a new, empty session in your DAW and try reproducing the issue by pressing the keys on the plugins GUI with the mouse and not via the MIDI keyboard.
In addition, check if you are experiencing the same thing when using the standalone version of the plugin, which can be found in Waves’ main folder > Applications V10

Hi Gurik,
and thanks a lot for your quick reply!!
Very much appreciated.

Yes, I tried both, with a MIDI keyboard and using the mouse on the screen, and there is no change in behaviour.
The reverb starts from G#’’’ (if I’m not wrong…), thus for the upper 17 keys (black keys included) of the visualisation on screen.
I did in fact use the standalone version in the first place, so I tried the VST now, but it behaves the same.

Do you encounter the same effect at all?

Thanks again!