Grand Rhapsody - internal note randomization?

Hello everyone!
It’s my first post here. I haven’t found any information or discussion about this topic anywhere so here it is:

I love my Grand Rhapsody VSTi but I noticed some strange behaviour. Apparently there’s some kind of (round robin) randomization going ‘under the lid’. You can tell that by exporting the same part several times - it’s never the same.
Unfortunately sometimes notes seems to come too much out of timing. I’m not sure if I’m explainig it properly but here’s an example:
if I play a MIDI track with perfectly quantized chords (all the notes start exactly on the same beat) the resulting notes come out misaligned! At times this misalignment is much bigger than I would accept - especially when a chord is expected to be struck at once.
And this changes with every export or playback. I did a couple of out of phase tests to see what’s happening but there’s really no obvious pattern.
I’m not sure if this behaviour is deliberate (‘humanization’) or if some samples just have some leading silence?
Did anyone notice this?
I wouldn’t care as I hadn’t noticed this myself for some time … but recently I was working on a piano part that felt a little less tight and after some editing it still wasn’t right.
My Grand Rhapsody is V10.0.0, I’d pay for it again if there would be an update addressing this problem (if this is really a problem?)

Thanks for any info!

Hi @PedroDeLuxe welcome to the Waves Forum! :slight_smile:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
I have passed this to our QA team to further investigate.

Stay safe