Grand Rhapsody Piano Samples Not Loading in Reaper

I am using Reaper. I recently purchased the Grand Rhapsody Piano

bundle. The plugin shows up in Reaper and the samples file is correct. However, there is a message in green under the Samples box saying “Samples not loaded…”. There is not function at all. I have the input/output set on the track and it works with my free midi piano plugin. If I use the app outside of Reaper it works fine with the same samples path, but will not work as a plugin in Reaper. Does anyone have any advice? After hours I am at a total loss.

Hi @davidsmith1145,

You can try these next options to try and solve this :slight_smile:

1.Reload the samples, click on the samples from the Waves Toolbar.
2.Redownload the samples from the next link manually.
3.If none of the above helped, you can Contact Technical Support.

Let us know how it went.

I would’ve suggest that you make sure your sample drive is also connected and working, but it looks to me like you’re using the system drive, so that answers that question.

It sounds like a frustrating situation. Have you tried rescanning your VST plugins in Reaper? Sometimes that can help refresh things and pick up on any missing components. Additionally, double-checking your plugin settings within Reaper to ensure the correct path for the samples might be worth a shot.

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Normally simply redowloading those samples manually from does the trick.

No need to point the samples from Reaper but actually from the Instrument itself, this is in case you have changed the default location of the samples.

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Actually this may be worth a try.