Some Waves plugins have less PDC latency at higher sample rates

I always loved J37 but I used Kramer Master Tape more often because J37 had 101 samples of plugin delay compensation latency and Kramer Master Tape only requires 64 at 48khz.

But I made a huge discovery thanks to Waves’s handy Plugin Latency table: Plugin Latency | Support | Waves

J37 goes down to 33 samples of PDC latency at 88.2/96khz… And I confirmed that if you enable oversampling in Reaper, the plugin drops to 33 samples!

This is significant because most tape emulation plugins have latency and 33 is low enough you can barely detect it, if at all.

For comparison, IK’s tapes are like ~600 to ~1200 samples which makes them pretty much unusable during composition.

So here’s a selling point for Reaper:

Reaper has built in oversampling, which is HUGE for Waves products because a lot of them don’t offer oversampling. That means if you enable oversampling suddenly you get less foldback distortion, and the EQ filters work correctly without cramping.

Now add to it that some Waves plugins have less latency at higher sample rates (or with Reaper’s oversampling enabled) — again, another huge win for Reaper users.

I just noticed Waves SSL EV2 also has reduced latency at high sample rates. 59 samples at 44.1/48, but only 20 at 88.2/96! (Or with Reaper’s oversampling enabled.)

Even the low numbers matter because they are cumulative when used in series, so it builds up and suddenly you feel a delay when you play your keyboard.

So again, you can check the PDC latency here:

And it’s also useful to know the max sample rate of Waves plugins:

That last link is important because a lot of Waves plugins don’t work correctly above 96khz… And that’s relevant to people who use DAW based oversampling because you don’t want to use more than X2 oversampling with those plugins.

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I just noticed TG12345 drops to 0 latency at 88.1/96khz (or x2 oversampling at 44.1/48khz)!

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Yeah that would be another reason I work at 96k, reduced latencies.

I’ve got to say that currently KMT isn’t reporting its latency correctly in Logic, so it will cause delays. Quite a few of the IK plugins are like that too. The’ll display a latency time if you hover over it in the channel strip, but it seems those times aren’t being compensated either.

Latency reporting is different topic, though.