EV2 quality update to CLA Mixhub

Waves, you guys knocked it out of the park with the SSL EV2 release. WIth that in mind:

I hope you guys are considering a HiDPI update to CLA Mixhub, and if you could use the improved code/emulation in that as well it would be great.

I love EV2 but Mixhub’s bucket system is incredible. (I personally use so I can tweak 8 submix busses side by side – it’s incredible for that.)

I particularly love the brown knobs – I strongly prefer the brown knob 12db highpass filter over the 18db black knob. So it would be cool if we could get the brown knobs in Mixhub… But I understand if that doesn’t match CLA’s console it wouldn’t fit.

Either way, Mixhub is one of your classic and popular plugins so I hope it gets an update soon!


Another thing I’ve wanted them to implement is like and Option or Command click on a Bucket tab to simultaneously change all open plugins to the same bucket.

The idea is you can set up a series of plugins to display the Preamp, EQ, Dynamics and main fader section and set them all to the same bucket. Option clicking on a another bucket would mean they would all update to show that bucket. This would allow you to jump around the mix very quickly and have all the relevant controls displayed.

It’s a very fluid way of working, I’m just surprised they didn’t introduce it originally.

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