Mix Knob on CLA Compressors

Would LOVE a mix knob on the CLA compressors. Every other Plugin company offers this now as standard.

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Just run you CLA instance in Studiorack, done!

Yeah there is that. It’s functional, you could even do a custom sidechain for it.

It just doesn’t look as elegant as if it were simply added to the plugin itself, though.

I’m in super rack. No studiorack support yet.

Yeah, what is it with that??

Or at least they could have made SuperRack specific version of StudioRack. Who knows, maybe they will. Maybe it’s on its way. Either way, a Mix knob on all compressors would certainly be a more ideal solution.

I would also love the mix knob for internal parallel compression. Also, the CLA compressors would benefit from a selectable automatic-makup gain option like H-Comp provides.

This would take the plugins away from their purist approach, but for me it only comes down to realistic processing in a 100% wet state. Any other functionality is just for unlimited creativity in the box, which should be as easily accessible as possible.

Sidechains on all their compressors wouldn’t go astray either!!

What DAW are you using?

I assumed all modern DAWs have a per plugin mix knob. FL Studio and Reaper both have that. Would that suffice? Or do you get phase/timing issues when you do it that way?

Logic doesn’t, not yet anyway.

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