Controlling cla mixhub with midi controller

CLA Mixhub is potentially the Ultimate way of mixing ITB for us that are use to analog workflow. But,mouse is a partykiller for me in this case,because it’s the tactile thing that it makes it complete. And i wonder why Waves didn’t complete this product with dedicated hardware for this or at least an Option for us to do it with some controller?! Which brings me to my question! Did someone manage to do this in any Daw? Especially FADERS in Bucket View! I m in Logic most of the time and i m sure that there is a way,just couldn’t find anything so far.

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I do think it would be great if Waves did up they ante with their own hardware controllers, something along the lines of Console One in my opinion. Unlike Console One, I’s like too a system that is more universal and doesnt lock you in to using their plugins only.

Throw in the SoundGrid and suddenly you have a system competitive with the whole Console One/UAD infrastructure… and it would be compatible with other third party plugins.

Yes i agree. Especially in this instance with Mixhub. They left it somewhat unfinished like this and that’s too bad,because the product and the idea is Great! It could be potencially The Solution for this “analog” workflow. And they should do one tutorial with CLA himself as how he would do the mix with Hub. It’s his workflow after all.

Yeah the workshop sounds great. Though I personally don’t like myself in to just using the Mixhub. As awesome as it is sometimes different genres benefit from approaches and different “tones”

This is where Insert slot in Hub is great thing.

Indeed, but its also where I opt to work with other channel Strips as well, such as the Scheps Omni, or the Brainworx Focusrite emulation. :wink:

And imagine this kind of “Hub worflow” for all this plugins. Choose the console you prefer for diferent genres. Like choosing a certain studio in the old days but with one click or two. AND all that with dedicated or custom controller. Now,that’s a plan! :wink:

And One more question for guys that use this a lot. Is there a way to Sync two (or more) instances of Hub to change Buckets simultaneously?? This feature would be Game Changer in visual workflow!

Not that I’m aware of.

I made suggestion quite a while back where you could do something like Option/Alt click on the Bucket tab to change all displayed buckets simultaneously. That way you can display all the modules for one bucket and switch them all simultaneously.

Sadly my request seems to have gone unheard. But you can try making your own suggestion. With enough people asking they might just add a few usability tweaks.

That is briliant idea!!! I hope someone is reading this from “up above”?!

I did! I made the request…

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I might post it again myself.

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