CLA Mixhub - EQ/Comp & Fader option? (Picture included)

Just bought CLA Mixhub and I’m loving the Bucket system, though I really wish I could choose to have the faders at the bottom with the EQ or COMP eetc above, as with that I can probably do 80-90% of my mixing in one window, and it makes it feel more like a real desk.

For now my workaround is to open 2 Mixhub instances and sit one under the other, but it’s a bit clumsy as after clicking a fader the meters cover up my EQ’s until I click back on them.

Being able to open more than one bucket at a time would be cool too, especially with widescreen monitors becoming more commonplace. Having 16/24 tracks in front of you in one plugin window would be great.
Again, opening several instances kinda works but is a clumsy workaround, 4 plugin instances to get 16 channels of eq and faders in front of you.

Obviously screen size on Laptops is a consideration (Resizeable/Scaleable windows could help here?)

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I would love to see a complete SSL DAW just like this with an added editing section. An editing section as easy to use as Reaper. Harrison Mixbus makes a great console type DAW, but the editing side is very cumbersome. I don’t know why there’s no console DAW emulators other than Harrison Mixbus. It’d be cool to have a Neve, or SSL complete console DAW.

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I would go a little further, maybe a VU meter for the input and output at the beginning of the strip would be great.
Instead to have another window open and need to go back and forth to check if the gain staging is OK.