CLA Mixhub - EQ/Comp & Fader option? (Picture included)

Just bought CLA Mixhub and I’m loving the Bucket system, though I really wish I could choose to have the faders at the bottom with the EQ or COMP eetc above, as with that I can probably do 80-90% of my mixing in one window, and it makes it feel more like a real desk.

For now my workaround is to open 2 Mixhub instances and sit one under the other, but it’s a bit clumsy as after clicking a fader the meters cover up my EQ’s until I click back on them.

Being able to open more than one bucket at a time would be cool too, especially with widescreen monitors becoming more commonplace. Having 16/24 tracks in front of you in one plugin window would be great.
Again, opening several instances kinda works but is a clumsy workaround, 4 plugin instances to get 16 channels of eq and faders in front of you.

Obviously screen size on Laptops is a consideration (Resizeable/Scaleable windows could help here?)

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I would love to see a complete SSL DAW just like this with an added editing section. An editing section as easy to use as Reaper. Harrison Mixbus makes a great console type DAW, but the editing side is very cumbersome. I don’t know why there’s no console DAW emulators other than Harrison Mixbus. It’d be cool to have a Neve, or SSL complete console DAW.

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