Dual Mono and Mix % for ALL

Hi, Live sound guy here. Multi mono plugins are not available for super rack, or “super rack for avid”. It would be very nice if every dynamics plugin in the entire waves catalog had the option for the L and R to react independently when the plugin is inserted on a stereo channel. It does not need to be multiple added controls to independently adjust L and R… just want the L and R to REACT independent of each other. The best example I can think of is the API 2500 with its “L/R link percentage” control, or the puigchild with its “left/right” mode, or the dbx 160 with its “duo mode”.

As far as the GUI goes for the addition of this feature to the other plugins it could just be a small simple switch that only appears when inserted on a stereo channel. To the left it reads “independent” to the right it reads “global”. Doesn’t need to be an added knob or anything fancy. This would be extremely helpful.

On a lot of dynamics processors if I switch from multi-mono to stereo (in my daw) they go from helpful to hurtful. Not a big deal for studio folks, just use a multi mono. But if it were a function available in the plugin itself then us live sound folks could also have this EXTREMELY helpful option. Not having the option for the L and R to react independently on stereo plugins can hinder the audio quite a bit.

Yes, I know a workaround is to just have 2 mono channels with identical plugins and presets but that becomes quite difficult to actually adjust since they’re separate channels. Remember we’re doing live sound here, and in my case I’m mixing monitors - I can’t take my eyes off of my guys for longer than half a second.

If for what ever reason it can’t be done to ALL of them in time for the next update it would be really nice to see this added to at least F6, and the DeEsser. That would help a ton, but that is me being selfish. For what we pay for the update plan it would be nice to see this addition.

Also, can we get a mix % control added to every waves plugin? (regardless of plugin type… dynamics, eq, saturation, modulation… all of them). I believe with V14 they added this to some plugins but don’t believe it was all, or even all compressors.

Thank you very much

-Live Sound Engineer