Insert any waves plugin into the MultiMod Rack

I saw that the Scheps Omni Channel plugin had a channel that any Waves plugin could be inserted into the chain, which is brilliant. And than saw the MultiMod Rack multiband editor and thought it would be awesome if it could host any Waves plugin in a multiband fashion.
I would so love that!

Just use StudioRack to multi band any Waves plugin you want.


Yeah this is pretty much what StudioRack was designed for. It even does the multiband thing.

The only thing you don’t get is a module like UI, which personally I would prefer as its also much more immediate. The only trouble is, as I was reminded by someone working at Waves, is it would cost a lot of time and money resigning every plugins to ALSO have a modular UI, especially for Waves. No-one is going to want to foot that cost.

I think the Studiorack plugin is actually pretty amazing. Especially when you start to use the Macros to control multiple controllers, across those Multibacd layouts within it.

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