StudioRack v11 HDX Support

I run a commercial multi room facility in NYC and we use Avid HDX cards with Apogee Symphony (MK1s) a DLI, DLS, Digigrid D, and IOX and a few servers.

It was shocking to find out that this new v11 update doesn’t support our hardware using StudioRack v11 in SG mode (AAX DSP mode) so that we can run our plugins on our network with low latency.

We were among the first studios that adopted the SoundGrid and Digigrid eco system, and all of our templates and sessions have been setup for recording and broadcast using StudioRack in SG mode in PTHDX with hardware inserts for years. Why was this feature taken out?

It was also shocking that you specifically didn’t include the Apogee Symphony MK 1 to be supported with the Digigrid DLI as well? Why?

Please reconsider your support for the SoundGrid Mode (HDX DSP mode). There are still many studio’s that still use the HDX playback engine with a Digigrid DLI. We would have to change our entire system to another platform if we can’t utilize the features in this v11 update.

Please let us know if there is support coming to this or if it’s not coming at all.
thank you.

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Hey Nicksimone. Thanks for your feedback on this issue.

So I’m kind of confused. You use SG mode in your system and not I/O mode? Does that mean you’re using the Soundgrid driver in Pro Tools? The only way I’ve been able to use the HDX driver in pro tools is to use I/O mode. There is limitation during mixing for me (side-chain delay compensation) if I don’t use the HDX driver.

Sorry, I’ll clear that up as we have several rooms.

-Only 1 of our rooms use an Apogee Symphony using Soundgrid Connect. (SG Driver)
-Another room uses an Apogee Symphony with a DLI in IO mode with a HDX card. (HDX Engine)
-And another room uses an Apogee Symphony with a DLS in IO mode with a HDX card. (HDX Engine)
-We have another small room with a DigiGrid D (SG Driver)
-A production room with a DigiGrid IOX (SG Driver)

In v11, the issues for us are:

1- No compatibility between our Apogee Symphony’s and the DLS/DLI since theres no support in SGP mode. (In Pro Tools Native)

2- No Support for SG mode in HDX systems (So even if IO mode works with the DLI/DLS, whats the point?)

3- No backward support going from StudioRack v11 to v9. (I’ve tested that you can go from v9 to v11 if you are opening a session with the previous version of StudioRack but you can’t go the other way)

So for us, theres no point in upgrading even 1 part of our facility because we wouldn’t be able to swap sessions from room to room, or connect to another room.

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@nicksimone That’s quite the setup. I’ve never used the apogee stuff, but I thought pro tools just saw the symphony as a 192/HD I/O because of the digilink port?

I do like recording into a full mix with low latency of the DLS. I’ve had to do that a couple of times and it’s so great at keeping the vibe of the session going. I’ve got HDX in my main studio, but I’ll switch to SGP when I’m portable because I’d rather not carry an HDX card with me. I have a macbook pro, IOX, M Cube, & DLI with 192 16x16 for my portable setup. Then I have a DLS, HD I/O 16 x 16, and a HDX card in a magma expressbox 3t in the main studio. everything is hooked into a hengedock and I just slide my macbook pro into that to connect to the main studio peripherals and start mixing. The DLS helps give me the extra horsepower on mixing that the laptop lacks. I think I’ll be sticking to v9.7 until it’s clear on if they are, or are not, gonna bring back the DSP plugin for HDX back.

I know there is more development to do. They also are going to have to update the soundgrid plugin on the Avid S6L to support V11. So I’m sure there is a lot to update/develop…

Hi everyone,

Indeed, Apogee Symphony MK1 is not supported with DLS\DLI interfaces in SGP mode.

View known issues & support notes for StudioRack and SoundGrid Studio

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Thanks Odel :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, I just wanted to clarify that SG Studio v11 supports IO mode - as an IO bridge, just as before.
That being said, StudioRack’s v11 HDX and HD Native components (for DSP Processing and/or input monitoring) are not available and there’s no ETA for this.

Please, please, please, get an AAX DSP version of StudioRack plugin going so you can at least give us a time table. There are a lot of us out there with either Digigrid hardware sitting useless or not able to upgrade to V11 Waves plugins.

Thank you for your feedback @delirious71 . It is an important one to have.

I also advise adding it as a suggestion in the Contact Us form on our website. It can be found on the bottom of this page. Under Other Contacts. In the To drop-down menu select “Comments, Suggestions”.
That way your feedback will find its way to our development teams.

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