Hello, I would like to ask if I can increase the number of CUEMix, 4 HEADPHONES are not enough for a band, we record together

Is there a simple way and why is the number limited?

I now have Digigrid D and IOX and I want to buy 4 Digigrid Q
FOR 8 HEADPHONES with independent mixing. I don’t have a server yet. I can’t control the mixer in SoundGrid and its status is Offline.

Can I do this if I buy the server and the additional 4 DigiGrid Q

Or does the program only support 4 HEADPHONES?

And why on YouTube there are no explanations for beginners like me


4 day no answer ???

It will be possible with a server. It’s the basics of Soundgrid.

Hi @ehabmxd thank you for your questions :slight_smile:

Note that SoundGrid Studio Mixer and Control Room (right panel strip with the big volume knob and headphones logo) are operational only while using a SoundGrid Server and an SG I/O (which you already have).

Without a server you will indeed see Mixer Offline in red.

More importantly, it will not be possible to transfer audio via the Mixer itself (only via Patch > Device to Device).

Regarding the Multiple Cues-
I would start by saying it is possible to have more than 4 Headphones Cues.

SoundGrid Studio has 4 dedicated Headphones Cue integrated into the control room.

Each equipped with:

  1. 4 sources of inputs from the network (direct inputs, mixer channels, LR, Aux and more), to be played separately or at the same time.
  2. 4 plug-ins rack
  3. 1 stereo out (that can be connected to any SG I/O stereo out)

Since all are on the control room strip, it is very easy for the engineer to access those fast.

In addition to those dedicated Cues, the Mixer itself has stereo Aux and Mon channels, that can receive audio from channels in the mixer and can output to any SG I/O stereo out.

Note that the amount and type of Aux and Mon channels is dependent on the SoundGrid Studio license:

More info on Aux/Mon/Groups channels and other Mixer options can be seen in SoundGrid Studio User Guide.

Hope that clears things out :slight_smile:

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