Add the Ability to add More NON Soundgrid Interfaces

Add the Ability to use (4x) NON-‘SoundGrid’ interfaces/devices within SoundGrid Studio under SG Connect.
For example: The ability to add (4x) Motu 896MK3 Hybrid interfaces which I use as 8 input, 8 output tracks each. This would allow me to control 24 to 32 Ins and Outs to work with SoundGrid. Many of us already have interfaces that we have used before we purchased our Waves and which we have a sizable investment in. Unfortunately, like many people these days I can not afford to purchase new interface to accommodate this.
Implementing this feature would make using Waves that much more appealing. I would be more likely to continue renewing my Waves coverage and purchase additional plugins for years to come, rather than just dialing in a stable setup and leaving it be for years. It would also make using the Waves system much easier for me by both allowing my Waves setup to adapt to my computer, midi and audio interface setup and it would also allow my computer, midi and audio interface setup to integrate more tightly together.

Adding this ability would be amazing. I’m sure it would make Waves setups enticing to a whole new group of users and I’m sure it would make many existing Waves users very, very happy. Making Waves even more flexible just seems to make sense in a world where integrating different hardware and software into a single setup is so difficult.

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