Cubase not recognizing waves plug


Just installed Waves Central, and although Cubase sees the waveshell upon boot for the first time after (in the splash screen), it does not see SoundShifter plug, once booted into Cubase.

Cubase 11, W11. Thoughts will be appreciated - thx.

Hi @jhayat2,

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Please make sure your session is not set to above 96 khz.

You can also try to rescan it using these next steps.

If you’re still unable to load it after verifying what I mentioned above please Contact Technical Support directly for quick assistance.


I am at 48k

I read that art.

I am waiting for support to get back to me.


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Waves plug ins not working with Ableton 12 either just started today

Hi @rokbox310

If you’ve already tried following the step-by-step instructions to rescan in Ableton and the issue continues, please consider Contacting Technical Support for further assistance.