[COSMOS] Avoid rescanning samples after relocating libraries


Currently, COSMOS does the following:

  1. Add a folder of samples to COSMOS
  2. Wait until COSMOS automatically scans and tags every sample in it
  3. Move the folder to another directory
  4. In COSMOS sidebar, click relocate button to point COSMOS to the new directory
  5. COSMOS starts scanning and applying tags from scratch

I think this is suboptimal, especially considering the scanning process can be long and CPU-intensive.

When I used ADSR Sample Manager before, after a folder is scanned then changed, it would somehow be able to recognize the folder as “already scanned and analyzed” as soon as I point it to the new directory. Perhaps some database work, I don’t have a clear idea.

I would love to see this feature come to COSMOS some time in the future.

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First I want to thank you from Waves for the plethora of great work and effort.

Talking about the subject of this thread, totally agree!
That’s a very urgent change that must have to be implanted.
I’m stuck on that “Changes were detected in your folders.”.
It tries to scan some folders to update them but it seems impossible.


I’m not a Waves support staff, obviously, but I think describing the symptoms in more detail would help with troubleshooting.

Two days passed and all Cosmos can do is to give that trashy message:
“Changes were detected in your folders” - I hit “Update now”, some minutes pass, and here comes the same message again.
And that’s it.
But the problem is not that!
Many huge sounds samples owners are saying that Cosmos can’t list them (not even 10%, sometimes). So, I think that’s time to check the scan and folders/files management program approach.

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That does sound bad. For what it’s worth, I have ~300k samples of various formats and have not experienced the issues you described.

Please, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to sound rude but what do you expect to hear frm me?
AFAIK, you don’t know how to fix that.
I really hope you never know how frustrating is to wait for days for that scan and tha never gets to the end.

No, I did not expect to hear anything from you in particular. I was just sharing a data point from me in the public forum in the hope that the info might be useful to Waves tech support staff. Your issues are neither my fault nor my responsibility to fix.

Maybe I was not very clear but, my first message was about your own message - “I totally agree…”
And I don’t remember to be asking you anything, man.
I don’t know if you’re aware of how a forum works.
I’m sorry if I made you feel obligated to help me. But this area is constantly monitored by Waves guys, so they are “reading” almost every message here.
I don’t know what’s the problem with my messages for you. Sorry about that.
All I am doing is looking for a solution for this issue that is happening to a lot of people.
Cosmos keeps trying to rescan my samples folder but it never gets to an end.
And that’s the main issue, for sure.

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Hi @nkuxrc

In some scenarios, depending on your computer’s performance, scanning folders require extensive CPU and memory resources and might take longer than expected.

We recommend scanning when your system is idle, or when the system is not in use.
In addition, SSD drives have much better performance and if possible, we recommend using that as your samples drive.

Furthermore, instead of scanning one big folder that includes subfolders, scan several smaller folders, or wait until the scan is finished.

As well there is a new Cosmos V14, I suggest updating as see how it goes.

If the issue persists, feel welcome to contact our Support Team.

Have a nice day.

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Hello and thank you for the reply.

I was indeed scanning while I was asleep and the system was idle, with all the samples stored on an external SSD. However, I was indeed scanning one big folder, which you suggested against, the reason being that there were simply too many subfolders contained inside my samples folder.

I’m glad to learn that COSMOS V14 is released, although I haven’t yet been able to fetch the update in Waves Central. I assume the update will show up shortly.

Hi Guys,

My problem is that Cosmos keeps trying to re-tag folders that were already scanned, which results in me having to wait 2-3 hours everythine I want to use use Cosmos.

It appears to be rescanning every folder every time I load it up, even when they were scanned a day or so before.

I use the latest Ventura and Logic Pro woth a MacBook Pro max 64GB Ram.

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Has anybody worked with support and figured out how to stop COSMOS from scanning unnecessary folders? I’ve followed their advice and divided my sample library into lots of small folders, but if I make a change in one folder it will trigger scans in multiple other folders and they take 20 minutes to re-scan (when the same folders sometimes only took 4 minutes to scan initially).

I’m currently emailing back and forth with support and re-built the database multiple times but so far it has not solved the issue.