Cosmos requests: Save a collection to a new folder, browse subdirectories and Cosmos as a VST/AU plugin

I have used Cosmos for the last days, and I have some suggestions to improve it.

  1. I want the ability to save a collection in Cosmos to a new folder. I have many sample libraries (approx 4 Tb in total size) and I want to reduce the size of the library and only keep the samples I use on the drive, all others on a backup drive.

  2. I also want the ability to browse subfolders in Cosmos.

  3. It would be good if you make a VST/AU plugin of Cosmos. CR8 is good but sometimes I don’t need a sampler plugin. I just want to load the plugin, find a loop, drag the file to the project and then remove the plugin.

All of my suggestions can be done with other sample managers, Sononym saves collections to a new folder, in ADSR sample manage you can browse subfolders and it’s both a standalone and a plugin.

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I thought the same at first, browsing subfolders, but then I realised that Cosmos is trying to offer us a more modern, tag based paradigm. Which does make a lot of sense. I’m just not sure if you can enter the folder name as a search query to bring up its content.