COSMOS / Three Added Feature Suggestions to Improve Workflow

*** Feature 1.)** Addition of sorting options for folders in the leftmost column! Alphabetized, Size, Latest, etc. Currently, the folders are a mess and barely readable. Sorting would be a huge improvement, which is why I rank it at the top of my little list.

*** Feature 2.)** Addition of width scaling option for the folders column. Folders can be unreadable because the column is fixed at a width size that is often too narrow to accommodate the folder names. The ability to drag the width of the column to reveal the full names of folders would save time. Currently, the pointer needs to hover for a couple seconds to see the full name. Such viewing one-at-a-time is slow and time wasting compared to how quickly it could be to see full names of all folders at-a-glance.

*** Feature 3.)** Addition of an option for turning off Scan Update notifications. Currently, the red pop-up message, (Changes were detected in the folders), occludes the folder located underneath it. This red pop-up message causes the folder underneath it to be inaccessible until updating, and updating draws CPU power away from other programs that need it. By controlling when you want notifications, you can choose to perform updates only when it is convenient.


Re 1 and 2 – Can’t believe this product was released without those features. So basic in this kind of contemporary software.

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Totally agree!!!
Oh, man!
How nice could be to reach those programmers that simply don’t have a clue about sound design, music production, mastering, etc., and spend some time explaining the job with all do this, then that, then this, etc…

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Though I see sense in having that Rescan warning, it either needs relocating, or as you suggested turned off or “silenced”. At least until the user relaunches again.

When it comes to usability it really shouldn’t be considered a feature as it is quintessential to any workflow. Really, the lack of usability is more in line with “buggy behaviour”.

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About F1, not only sorting options but a tree-like view would be nice.
I don’t know if I’m the only one with a method to my samples folder but I doubt it.
Sorting the folders is nice, but I have more than 40 sample providers in the folder, each with their own folder so that I can easily see what I already have from each. Having to individually add each folder is a pain. That database update checks all the folders is a waste depending on how the check is done (and I think it is not good enough, since I can sit by my computer, not editing any file at all, and a notification pops up)
Being able to add several folders at once would lessen the add each folder complaint.

And also, being able to set tags and attributes to all the content of a folder is nice, I have lots of instances of folders named “loops”, “hi-hats”, and so on, and of course packs that are “trap”, “house”, etc

About that, the edit attributes and tags window could be one and the same to save user time, and more care with the bulk update would be very nice. I recently wanted to change several one shots to loops, in my selection I included loops because it was faster and I wouldn’t expect Cosmos to alter also them, but not only it did, but it also changed their BPM.

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Agreed. Have you tried Loopcloud? I discovered COSMOS is actually a terrible sample manager in comparison to Loopcloud, which I solely recommend as the best available. It’s well worth the cost of subscription for all that it does so perfectly well.

COSMOS could possibly be a casualty of the same problem at Google where programmers engage in a strategy of LPA (Launch, Promote, Abandon) to beef up their CVs. I would like to be wrong, but since the basic improvements are too obviously needed and yet get ignored in every update, who knows what’s happening with it.

At this point I consider COSMOS as a convenient partner to CR8 only.

The trouble with your theory is Waves never abandon their software. They are still doing updates to their plugins since Day 1, which is what WUP covers. They just don’t add new features usually as that’s what tends to break backwards compatibility.

The feedback I got from them is they are unable to reproduce my scanning issues. You can’t fix what you cant see. I’m still in communication with them and will hopefully be able to help them to figure out it out.

@simon.abillington, I appreciate what you’re saying about the Waves business, but in all candor I’m not too interested in all that as an end user. I just need the product to work well, and I expected more from Waves.

While I do accept my “theory” is imprecise, it’s not inaccurate as far as strong criticism goes. Waves are slow to correct the scanning issues and clunky GUI.

I was waiting on Waves while I labored for them by communicating about the trouble I was having, and it was not a strategy that got music work done.

Those wasted days waiting on the CPU intensive scanning and spending time finding ways around the limitations are all sunk costs. I solved all issues by using Loopcloud. I highly recommend Loopcloud to you, and I do so as a sincere gesture because I think you’ll be more than satisfied.

You’re right they are slow, but you need to give it context.

In my brief conversations with their tech support, they were unaware there was an issue in the first place as it works perfectly on the system. I worked with them for a bit, but they couldn’t reproduce my issues on their end.

You cant actually fix a problem you cant reproduce, yet undeniably exists for other users. No one can. You can put 100 programmers on it, but they still won’t be able to fix what they can’t reproduce.

So now the problem becomes how do fix an issue that both exits and doesn’t exist. It’s kind of like a Schrodinger 's bug.

Yeah its a real freaking pain, but its not a Waves issue at all. Such is the nature of paradoxes. That would slow down even the most brilliant minds on the planet.

@simon.abillington such a blessing that Shroedinger’s cat excuse. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The fact COSMOS is glacially slow and the GUI is clunky for many users might not be a Waves problem. I dunno ‘bout that.

Either way, I’m stoked after my switch to Loopcloud. It’s orders of magnitude faster and has a superior feature set to boot.

I guess you’re good then with the pain you’re getting from COSMOS?

I’m actually not receiving that much pain. A little not much. Different people, different systems, different issues which is what it would be hard to nail.

I ahd Loopcloud for about a year or so, Nothing wrong with it, just discovered that I really can’t work with predefined loops musically dictating what notes I should be working with. Percussion seems better, but even then a lot of that either lacks groove or is limited by its patterns.

I found it much easier to develop and work with my own loops, Cosmos I use more for samples and not loops.

I should try to get back in contact with them though as I haven’t heard from them in a while.

@simon.a.billington The free version or an old version may be limited like you say, and to that point, I need to make the clarification that I am referring only to my experience using Loopcloud 6’s paid subscription, which blew me away with its features, far surpassing COSMOS.

Loopcloud 6 will certainly meet your needs as a sample librarian according to how you use COSMOS.

My guess is that if you try the Loopcloud 6 paid subscription, you’ll be completely thrilled with how fast your workflow will be!

Oh no, I had subscribed for that year or so. I didn’t have a problem with the browser really. My problem was that I other peoples loops are just too hard to work with. It’s just a style thing.

I might find a sound I like, but I don’t like the choice of notes, or visa versa. People’s choice of notes and rhythms are more than often very basic themselves. Reverb can be mixed in at over the tops levels, synths can be over processed, too harsh and in your face.

It was just far quicker and ideal for me to create my own loops, but then, I can play several instruments too. I can also evolve loops. I can come back and say actually I changed my mind, I don’t want a G chord there any more, I prefer a Bm7 instead or maybe I want a slightly different rhythm. I could make the changes and continue working forward. This happens often to me as generally don’t go with my first idea. I continue working at it, evolving parts until I come with something better.

Pre-made loops aren’t really accomodating to that kind of workflow. Not for me, anyway. Even repitching them can change their tonality in such a way it doesn’t sound as pleasant. Well, not to me anyway. I’m all good with glitching and artefacting, but I want it there as a design decision, not because of a loop limitation.

@ simon.a.billington I believe you are saying that you use COSMOS for your homemade recordings instead of pre-made recordings.

Also, you’ve mentioned issues with COSMOS being a pain to use, but that a solution in Loopcloud doesn’t interest you since your needs for a sample manager don’t require access to pre-made samples.

Do you know the store option of Loopcloud 6 is something you can choose to ignore?

Simply put, it seems you’re favoring a painfully slow and difficult workflow over a better alternative solely because the latter adds an option you won’t use.

Since my original post needed simplification, and I cannot edit it, I’m posting the would-be edit here for clarity.

1: Sorting options for folders in the leftmost column are needed to sort by alphabet, size, recency, etc. Currently, folders appear disorganized.

2: Width scaling as an option for the folders column is needed to enable dragging the column wide enough to see the full names of folders at a glance. Currently, it’s necessary to wait with the pointer hovering for a couple seconds over the folder before it reveals the full name.

3: On/off switch for Scan Update notifications is needed to allow hiding the notification. Currently, the red pop-up message, “changes were detected in the folders”, occludes the folder located underneath it. This message causes the folder underneath it to be inaccessible. Also, selecting the message prompts updating that draws a ton of CPU power away from other programs.

These 3 features would easily reduce the friction and wasted time COSMOS currently generates.

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I also use Cosmos for storing straight up samples, not loops. Though, if loops are highly processed they can sometimes make an interesting texture.

But as I said earlier Cosmos isnt slow for me, well unless you’re talking about the AI scanning, which is a useful feature you cant find in Loopcloud. Cosmos is just not scanning one small folder properly, thats the only issue I have at the moment. So I constantly have that Scan Update notification at the bottom which can get in the way.

Well that, but I also agree with your other requests above.

@simon.a.billington WoW! Your info that Loopcloud does not have AI scanning is wildly incorrect. I’m getting the hint that you’re all committed to COSMOS. Good on you. Bob’s your uncle.

Not the same kind of AI you find in Cosmos. Thats on another level. And yeah committed as my issues are very minor, it works very well for me outside of that.

But then everyone seems to be having mixed experiences which is a bit bizarre, but it is what it is. Last time I checked in with them a few weeks back they were still looking into it.

Hopefully they will find a fix that works for everyone.