COSMOS / Three Added Feature Suggestions to Improve Workflow

*** Feature 1.)** Addition of sorting options for folders in the leftmost column! Alphabetized, Size, Latest, etc. Currently, the folders are a mess and barely readable. Sorting would be a huge improvement, which is why I rank it at the top of my little list.

*** Feature 2.)** Addition of width scaling option for the folders column. Folders can be unreadable because the column is fixed at a width size that is often too narrow to accommodate the folder names. The ability to drag the width of the column to reveal the full names of folders would save time. Currently, the pointer needs to hover for a couple seconds to see the full name. Such viewing one-at-a-time is slow and time wasting compared to how quickly it could be to see full names of all folders at-a-glance.

*** Feature 3.)** Addition of an option for turning off Scan Update notifications. Currently, the red pop-up message, (Changes were detected in the folders), occludes the folder located underneath it. This red pop-up message causes the folder underneath it to be inaccessible until updating, and updating draws CPU power away from other programs that need it. By controlling when you want notifications, you can choose to perform updates only when it is convenient.


Re 1 and 2 – Can’t believe this product was released without those features. So basic in this kind of contemporary software.

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Totally agree!!!
Oh, man!
How nice could be to reach those programmers that simply don’t have a clue about sound design, music production, mastering, etc., and spend some time explaining the job with all do this, then that, then this, etc…