Cosmos Metadata Export/Import

Hi Waves.
I love Cosmos and think it’s a game-changing plugin. However, it’s not reliable and continuously loses all the collected samples I add to it. Regularly, I’ll open it and it’s right back to its factory default.
Any time spent in customizing tags is wasted effort. This has been ongoing since its release.
If users had a way to backup and reimport the collections (just the data/tags… not duplicating files) then at least once this info is lost we’d not be constantly starting back at square one.


That is bizarre, but also not cool. Here’s hoping they get on to Cosmos’ issues soon. I agree with you, I think it’s a bit of a game changer too, well could be once the issues are fixed.

I wouldn’t mind if they added a sample editor so we can do some basic editing before passing the result onto CR8 or something else.