COSMOS - Drag and drop multiple samples

Hi Waves team! :slight_smile:

Love COSMOS so much, it’s really helped find some fitting sounds VERY quickly when working in my DAW. I like the automatic sorting so much that I’ve decided to use COSMOS to organize my samples that I want to load onto my Synthstrom Deluge. However, frustratingly enough I can’t drag and drop multiple files at the same time :confused:

I was able to do this in ADSR manager, and used it to get my files to the Deluge, but the sounds weren’t as well sorted as in COSMOS. I can make a group selection, but this seems to only be used for making collections (which is also a great feature btw).

It would be such a great help to be able to move a selection (or even the whole collection) with a drag and drop, is there any way this could be added to a future update?

Thanks for amazing plugins and a happy new year! <3

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I would like the same thing too.

As well as resize the sidebar and to drag the collections around in order to place them into some kind of coherent custom order.

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Thumbs up for drag and drop multiple samples