Make Cosmos Synced to the DAW Project Tempo

Make Cosmos Synced to the DAW Project Tempo

Browsing from Sample and previewing those Sample should be synced. Even if it’s “only” the CR8 Companion (and to be honest Cosmos should come also as a plugin, common guys watch loopcloud), the workflow experience is not good. We need to have an idea of how will sound the sample (especially the loops) at the previewing stage.

To be able to feel how the sound will fit after loading it in CR8 is a deal breaker to me.
Even if Cosmos on the paper is certainly something very powerful. it fails short to me even as a CR8 companion.

Please add that feature in the next version or update.
This is critical to me. (and i don’t see how it could not be critical for the others to be honest)
i don’t care if indexing take days (i have time, i want to use it, but as it is it’s not the best workflow)

I can’t quite remember now, but I think there is a way you lock CR8 to the host tempo, and if you access Cosmos via its UI the BPM stays locked in.

I’m a bit unclear on this though.

I wrote this feature request because WAVES support told me i’m right on this. :wink:
(in short you have to load loops so CR8 then make it synced, but it’s not, at the previewing stage in COSMOS)