Cosmo + CR8 ideas (automatic kits + neural networks)

I want to populate the sampler with a full drumkit from my library with one click. Obviously you know what´s kick, snare etc in Cosmos, so populating 12 “pads” should be no probs. In fact those as great starting points. Similar functionality is found in Atlas by Algonaut, and its the function I use the most.

Cosmos navigation
I see that u have used colouring but further use of network analysis could easily be applied to create modes. Eg modes analysis + forced atlas method from Network analysis would create clear clusters and greater feel of group of sounds.

Sound “clusters”
Taking these 2 suggestions into considerations, populating a drumkit could be based on sounds from the the same cluster which will secure a homogeneous set or visa versa combining sounds from as different clustered sounds as possible would create very new and interesting drum kits

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Nice Suggestions!! Hopefully they’ll end up adding it, or some kind of equivalent.