CR8 and COSMOS - features and questions

Hello Devs,

thanks for the tools you released yesterday.

I have a already some feature requests.
Could you please add the possibility to Cosmos to add folders from external harddrives without deleting them from the db, when the external hd is not connected to the computer and the sample can not be found at this point. This option is great if you delete samples from your harddrive and want to get rid off the entry in the sqlite database.
But it would very useful to search for samples in the database, even if the external hd is not connected. Of course you could not play the sample at this point but you could find it in the search and then connect your external hd if needed.

Could you please add the possibilty to work with grains of the samples (grain synthesis).

Question Autodetect:
Does the autodetect feature learn from my attribute / tag changes?
Some of my gong samples were detected as piano. If I change the attribute and add new gong, would it be analysed correct as gong or still show me a new piano sample?

It would be nice if you could fix the autodelete of samples which are stored on external devices soon and release a bugfixed version or at least a possibility to keep samples in the db that can not be found at a certain point. Thanks a lot in advance.


That’s a fair question. Does Cosmos learn from our changes to tags when it gets something wrong?? I’d very much like know myself.