[COSMOS] Ad-hoc sample search and instrument

I appreciate that you can find similar sounds by category, but would it be possible to browse to a wav or mp3 file that isn’t part of the sample library, COSMOS analyzes it, and suggests audibly similar samples and matches them with by %, along with a snippet audition of the specific phrase in the original wav that was matched to the library sample.

Also, would it be possible to have some standalone feature similar to a “drop designer” player? Best way I could explain is that as you’re auditioning samples, you select a sample, and this creates an ad-hoc VST/MIDI instrument that is correctly tuned by the sample’s original pitch, and that instrument can either take live MIDI data or play a MIDI file on command, potentially even save the live midi data and export the results to WAV. Bonus suggestion, instead of bogging down the standalone version with this, just create a VST that provides this ad-hoc instrument, give it the ability to save a sample and settings as a preset, and it has access to query the metadata in the COSMOS database to find the samples you are looking for. I would use that in every session. :slight_smile:

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