CLA MixHub workflow for other consoles (e.g. Neve 88RS)

CLA MixHub workflow is just fantastic…

Any chance to emulate some other big consoles like this one?
Especially AMS Neve 88RS? Or maybe Rupert Neve 5088?



I’m always in for more Neve :smiley:
But as far as I understand analog emulations & Waves you need at least one of three things to sell it:

  • Abbey Road + Beatles + Dark Side of the Moon
  • a Multi-Platinum-Grammy-Award-Nomineered-Winning engineer
  • an official licensing deal with the original manufacturer

And I’m not sure where an 88R would fit into that :thinking:

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Hey, thanks for joining this thread :slight_smile:

I take your post as a bit of light-hearted fun for sure :slight_smile:, but anyway,
to address your points just for some more fun (not that I think they are mandatory though :slight_smile:)

  • Abbey Road has two Neve 88RS and also SSL 9000J, so that would certainly fit into completion of full blown Abbey Road home studio :slight_smile:
  • as for Dark Side Of The Moon - you know, it’s Pink Floyd and most if not all of the Floyd stuff of past 25 years has been done on Neve 88RS as far as I am concerned :slight_smile:
  • Al Schmitt would certainly fit the role of the multiple Grammy award mixer loving Neve 88RS (which does not mean he would want to do it though)
  • I do not see any endorsement deal with AMS Neve at least, as they did that with Universal Audio, so you are right on this one, but then Waves did not do this with V-Series or API stuff and they sure went well anyway :slight_smile:

Now on the more serious side:

CLA MixHub is the first ever plugin to address the idea of working on multiple channels side by side in one window and I totally agree with CLA, that this is the essential part of getting the console feel in DAW.

So why not take it to the next level? Softube is sort of doing it with it’s Console 1, while others may have something to offer as well. It seems almost invevitable to go that route.

And well, the real reason behind my request is - obviously I love the workflow of the CLA MixHub, but I am not exactly die hard fan of the SSL 4000 sound. However, would love to have Neve 88RS, RND 5088, or maybe Helios or the maybe the above mentioned modern SSL9000J or other SuperAnalogue series SSL board available through this format…


I totaly feel the same way. I like the MixHub not for the SSL4000 sound but for the way you can mix. I mix with SSL9000J from PA but I use MixHub to manage my effect returns that I mix in “buckets”. I was expecting CLA Epic to be the same: One instance where you can set to what device of delays 1-2-3-4 or reverbs A-B-C-D you want it to be, but with that one instance you can controll all 7 (or more?). This way you can route everything outside Epic which means you could send anything in your mix to any of the 8 devices. SInce Epic is 2 in / 2 out and not 8 in / 2 out, this cannot happen now.

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Yeah I want it added to the Omni

Just now seeing this. Yes I want a Neve 88RS emulation too. I know UAD makes one, but I don’t want to buy an Apollo just to use it, and I hear the DSP on Apollo is poop anyway, and most people have the CPU to handle these plugins now. Besides I think Waves can make a better sounding emulation.

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