CLA MixHub 'Bucket List'

So last January Waves & Chris Lord-Alge introduced CLA MIxHub!

NEW PLUGIN: Chris Lord-Alge’s CLA MixHub

CLA MixHub is the first plugin to work in buckets – groupings of up to 8 channels, in up to 8 buckets in total. In other words, you can mix up to 64 channels from one CLA MixHub plugin window. By mixing tracks side by side in the MixHub’s buckets, you’ll gain a mixing perspective that lets you immediately hear how one track’s processing affects others within a song.

How has this feature/plugin affected your workflow?
Do you find yourself working on multiple channel’s EQ and compression settings side by side within the same bucket/s? Does it help you focus on mixing or do you find it confusing/distracting?

Let us know how you work with MixHub!
Share your presets!

CLA MixHub is available separately or as part of the Mercury, Pro Show and SD7 Pro Show bundles. If you already own one of these bundles with a current Waves Update Plan, you may update the bundle and get CLA MixHub free of charge.

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I will… once I get the chance to use the ■■■■■■ thing!! :upside_down_face:

March 17th, 2019

  • Added: Over 250 new artist presets to CLA MixHub.
  • Added: CLA MixHub Lite (Mono and Stereo) components for reduced CPU consumption (up to 30% reduction depending on processor type).
  • Improved: Both CLA MixHub Channel View and Bucket View can now be opened simultaneously.
  • Improved: Any individual CLA MixHub module (Input, EQ, Dynamics) can now be added as an extra insert plugin inside the CLA MixHub Insert slot.
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Lite seems to run at about 30% less in Logic.

The modules are a nice touch. I’d just like to be able to interchange modules with the Scheps Omni and the AR TGI Mastering plugin

This is really an added advantage while working on compact setups.

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I‘m just starting to set up projects with MixHub.
I know it might be always hard to decide the possible number of buckets and channels per bucket. But I would like to have 12 or 16 channels in a bucket to have all channels of a complete drum recording set together. I have seen in a YouTube video, that another User had the same issue to use more than one bucket for his drums.
Another issue I have is, that switching a channel plugin on or off pushes the CPU load up to 100%. Then it‘s not possible any more to start the playback. I have to restart Cubase.

Hi @Nikkin! welcome to our forum!
The 8 channel buckets are designed with hardware design and workflow in min, of course you can add more than one bucket when needed.
Regarding the CPU load in Cubase - please contact our amazing support team here and they will help you with this.

I can see it being slightly tedious with using two buckets for drums, but it really is just a quick button push away. It’s not like you have to close one window and open up another.

You could even have to windows open, set them up side by side and choose different buckets for each and there they are right there.

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