Clarity Vx Pro Issue (Pro Tools) - CPU Overload


This is a great plugin but I am having some trouble with it in Pro Tools (2021.10).

When this one is used inserted on multiple tracks, there are CPU overload.
In a session loaded with other plugins, I can’t use more than two instances of Clarity Pro Vx (on 2 mono tracks) because otherwise Pro Tools stops and says that it doesn’t have enough resources available.
So I did a test in a blank session, I created 10 mono tracks, on each one I inserted Clarity Vx Pro and the CPU was full and I couldn’t play, so I deleted one track, so I had 9 mono tracks left with a clarity, the CPU went back down by half.
I noticed that this plugins only took two slots (24 and 25) of the CPU out of the 48 available.

I am using a macpro 7.1 for this test (2,7 GHz Intel Xeon W 24 cœurs - 64 Go 2933 MHz DDR4 - macOS Catalina 10.15.7)

Here are the screenshots of this test.

Thanks for your answers,