Clarity VX and Logic Pro Synchronization Problem

I keep getting this error message - can anyone explain what it means? I am not using the Pro Version of Clarity. I just have ONE audio track with the audio clip (WAV format) that I am trying to clearn up. There is no MIDI info on the track to my knowledge. My system info is below.

I should also mention that other Wave Plugins like WNS Noise Suppressor or the W43 work perfectly fine.



Thanks in Advance!

As a Logic user who has seen that message myself way too many times, I can tell you that I am almost 100% sure its associated with the CPU thread getting a little maxed out and not able to process the audio and keep midi in sync.

Clarity does require a lot of processing power so chances are that’s what it will be. Since you really don’t have much in the session at all I’d suggest maybe increasing your I/O Buffer size and maybe quite some non-necessary apps.

Hi Brian,

Feel free to contact our Tech Support, they will gladly look into the issue.

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