Clarity Vx(2) - distortion/drop out and no noise reduction

I am having lots of trouble with this plug in.
Overall, signal is highly distorted/choppy on output and no ambient noise is reduced at all.
Read the user manual PDF and did not find any suggestions on best setup or use.
However, there are not a lot of controls to adjust for this plug in.

Other plug ins in my Cakewalk FX chain: Clarity VX / Debreath mono / Siblance live - mono
Bypassed other plug ins and the problem follows the VX Clarity plug in.

One more thing, am using Windows 11 Intel PC with Cakewalk 2022.02 build 39 64 bit.

Grateful for any insight on this.

That’s certainly unusual, something is definitely amiss there. I’m assuming it’s supported on your system.

Perhaps increasing your I/O Buffer size might help, if you haven’t already tried it?!?

Sounds like it might be a bug

Yes, PC meets requirements and DAW software are on your supported list.

Hi @trayschaeffer

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Please note that Clarity is officially supported with Intel CPUs (i5 i7 i9) 6th generation and above.

For more information please refer to the System Requirements for CLarity Vx.

For any further assistance or information, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Just got it working, had to drop sample rate. buffer size was already at max.
Set the sample rate to 44.1k and it works. Anything higher and it does not work on my system.

Anyway, it is working now.

Thanks for the prompt reply,

Do you think that’s a bug, or the limit of your CPU?!? Worth reporting if you think its the former.