Clarity vx demo runs very slow in audition vst3

I was about to buy the plug-in when I notice the demo is running very slowly in audition. It takes 25 minutes to denoise a 41 minute clip. Is this normal? Would a paid version run slightly faster?

Clarity uses a very modern neural network to do its thing, so its quite possible that this is normal behaviour. Its more dependant on your CPU and possibly memory.

41 minutes is quite a long duration to process, I’d be more inclined to break it up into scenes. That way you could be reviewing or working on once scene while the next one is processing. It works online too, so you don’t necessarily have to wait for your clip to process, unless you need reduce the strain on the CPU and Audition can’t freeze its tracks.

Does it support GPU acceleration?

I think that was introduced like V11 or V12 or something. So, yeh Clarity would utilise it too. Most likely the Machine Learning capabilities if the computer has any as well.