Screeching Feedback - Waves Clarity Vx - Logic Pro

Hi all

I’ve just purchased clarity vx (not pro) on my Mac M1 - updated to latest version 13 software as it said it was compatible - loaded fine in Logic Pro, but as soon as I use the plugin with software monitoring on it causes awful feedback through my headphones from my mic, and the only thing that would stop that is a pitch correction plugin added in each vocal chain?! I’ve tried everything - resetting/reinstalling clarity vx - changing my latency settings in Logic Pro, restarting my computer and Logic Pro, turning on Rosetta for Logic Pro - deleting unnecessary/unused plugins including the pitch correcting plugin - I don’t know what to do! Please help as I read so many good reviews on this and don’t know what to do anymore. I just want this to work.

You may have to rescan it, thats what I had to do and now it works fine.

Hey thanks for the reply - I’ve tried that today and it’s full not working unfortunately

I am having a similar issue. I have a project in logic Pro X running all good i can record a vocal, as soon as i load clarity vx, it will load but latency kicks in, static, and chopping sounds and the logic stops freezes unless i remove the plug-in than its fine again. This is my 1st experience with waves plug-ins and its not starting off good.

It uses quite a bit of CPU power.

Make sure that when you use it its non a selected instrument track or a audio track with the input button engaged. That causes Logic to run the strips on a dedicated thread to keep latency ultra low, but it may be too much for it to handle if it has to low-latency monitor Clarity as well

Are you running LPX in Rosetta? As far as I know, Clarity Vx is only supported via Rosetta at the moment on M1.