Clarity VX for a non-music audio track

Hi all,

I downloaded the Clarity VX plugin and tried in Bandlab Cakewalk and also Cubase. The plugin loaded fine and was all good but both these softwares made the length of time of the audio track different. The voice recording was 18 mins long and when I imported it was around 2-3 mins long, I think as these softwares tried to convert it to the 4/4 time signature and 120bpm. How do I simply import audio into a DAW that supports Clarity VX and doesn’t convert/change the audio upon import so I can treat it like a normal voice recording rather than music based?!

Hi @pbbaker17,

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I might be wrong here but, I’m guessing that you insert an audio file with a different sample rate than the session’s sample rate you are currently on, normally a dialogue box should pop up and give you the option to convert the file to the current session’s sample rate.

You will need to ensure the Audio you are processing has the same sample rate as your current session.

Though this is not a Waves technical-related issue, you can try and Contact Technical Support, they might be able to guide you through and provide more information.

Hi, ahh so is it the sample rate which is what’s changing the length of the audio track! I’ve seen the sample rate on the DAW and do I just look on file properties of the audio to find its own sample rate, I tried turning off all import settings so it wouldn’t convert but have had no luck. Which DAW do most people use, spent many hours trying to get this to work with no success :frowning:

Cubase is pretty popular as well as Bandlab.

But if you need assistance as mentioned our Techies will gladly help with any information available.

Contact Technical Support, alternatively you can reach them over the phone at +1-865-909-9200 ext. 1.