How to Start Clarity Vx

Installed Waves Central which installed 20 other programs but none of them seem even similar to Clarity Vx?

Just want to clear up some old audio.

Hi @schusr,

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Please Contact Technical Support directly to obtain rescan instructions for your setup, it is also worth verifying licensing and installation as per your specific setup.

Waves doesn’t have a straight forward architecture. There is various “shells” that are needed to run the plugin, Central is required to keep it up to date, there are is also a server that runs in the background.

It does seem over the top, especially for one plugin, but there are benefits that come associated with it. Like better resource management, performance and efficiency. Although it might not be terribly obvious using one plugin, but even multiple instances of that plugin will benefit.

How do I start Clarity Vx?

It’s installed, I can navigate to the plugin directory but have no idea how to start it.


You will need a DAW (Host Application) in order to use Clarity X or the Pro version, I see you also reached our Tech Support so they will make sure the steps and requirements to run Clarity are clear.

Do you have audio software that supports plugins in either VST3, AU or AAX format??