Waves plugins on OBS

OBS is open broadcast software

and it can plugin VSTs

but waves plugin does not working on OBS

I request that we could use waves on OBS


That’s an interesting idea. Even if Waves doesn’t offer support for it straight away, it’s certainly something they can keep an eye on, may be work towards.

If has enough followers it should certainly get Waves’ interest. :thinking:


I too would love Waves support for OBS. Only the Waves Shell appears as an optional plugin, but not any of the actual plugins.


I wanted to buy the Clarity Vx plugin for use in OBS live streaming. Luckily they allow you to test the plugin with a free demo version. It turns out that it does not work, even though I am using OBS Music with VST3 support. The plugin is visible, but does nothing. Too bad.

I think a lot of people route the audio through their DAW to overcome this problem:

Record Audio with Cubase and OBS

Once routed through your DAW, you can use your Waves plugins in the DAW.

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The problem with OBS is it inherently employs compression codecs on its material. That makes sense since there is no way streamers can serve up RAW data to their platforms, but it might potentially mean that the audio might be predominantly compressed before it reaches the DAW.

Not the end of the world, but there maybe some audible artefacts as a result.