NEW!Clarity Vx Pro - Real-Time Noise Reduction for Voice

The New standard in Noise Removal for Vocals & Dialogue
The New Standard in Noise Reduction for Voice

Clarity Vx PRO
Advanced Real-Time Noise Reduction for Dialogue & Voice
Clarity Vx PRO
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Clarity Vx

Instant Vocal Noise Reduction For Musicians & Creators
Clarity Vx
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Clarity Vx Pro - Advanced Real-Time Noise Reduction for Dialogue

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A Revolution in Post-Production Dialogue

Achieve clean dialogue at the highest quality – in a fraction of the time.

Lightning-Fast Results. Like Magic.
Waves’ groundbreaking Neural Networks® technology does the heavy lifting, performing the tasks of many noise reduction modules – in one quick pass.

Real-Time Workflow inside your DAW.
Say goodbye to rendering, bouncing and destructive editing. Clean multiple dialogue tracks in real time, with full automation, in the context of your full video or audio session.


Intro $249

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Top post-production engineers test Clarity Vx Pro
Top post-production engineers test Clarity Vx Pro
We’ve asked the audio mixers for Dune, Last Night in Soho , NBC’s The Voice and more to test Clarity Vx Pro: Watch them in action.

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“I was pretty shocked when I first tried Clarity – I’ve never heard something this good. You can go very far with the noise reduction, and it still sounds natural without affecting the dialogue.”

Ron Bartlett 3x Oscar-Nominated
Re-recording Mixer (Dune, King Richard)

“When I first tried Clarity Vx Pro, I was simply flabbergasted and stunned. It’s saving me so much time – it’s literally just taking the main dial and peeling the noise back. Very impressive.”

Julian Slater Oscar-Nominated
Re-recording Mixer (Baby Driver, Last Night in Soho)
Clarity Vx - Instant Vocal Noise Reduction for Musicians & Creators

See Clarity Vx in Action

Calling All Producers, Musicians, Mixers, Content Creators.
Clarity Vx is the highest-quality and fastest way to clean any vocal or voice recording in mixes, music production, podcasts or videos.

Clarity Vx has the same powerful Waves Neural Networks® engine as the larger Clarity Vx Pro, but an even simpler interface to give you the fastest results at the highest quality.

$149 / $49 99

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Clarity Vx is also available in the Mercury bundle. If you own Mercury with a current Waves Update Plan, get Clarity Vx free when you update your bundle here.
Watch: Clarity Vx vs. Hair Dryer?!
Watch: Clarity Vx vs. Hair Dryer?!
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“Clarity Vx does with one knob, in real-time, what used to require painstaking tweaking and offline processing. It’s a real game changer for working with vocals recorded in non-ideal conditions. So good, and so easy!”

Andrew Scheps (Jay Z, Adele)

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I just bought this, hoping it would remove room noise and artifacts. Though I haven’t tried it with someone chainsawing a patio chair in the background, I have tried it on a voice file with lots of room ambience. No matter where I turned the big knob, the vocal ambience was absolutely identical. Is this the right tool for that?

I have been comparing (accentize com voicegate) with Clarity Pro. Clarity Pro had more settings and is very very good. I think I will be purchasing over (accentize com voicegate)

For de-reverb and removing ambience I would demo (accentize com) de-reverb and spectral balance. They are less expensive, but also have less settings. That’s ok depending on your material.

Having all of these plugins would be great of course, but Clarity Pro and a couple from accentize will probably be my starting point.

You might experience the same as me. The Clarity Vx works on my Intel Mac, but on my M1 Mac mini it seems to not receive any audio to work on.

I have posted in the support forum.

Hmm. Mine’s the last of the Intel’s. Not an M1.