CLA NX and Abby Roads Studio Massive CPU Usage

Hi I am using Studio One and have purchased the headphone room simulations for CLA NX and Abby Roads Studio 3. When active CLA NX uses additional 23% of CPU vs Abby Roads 20% CPU.

I am using a Macbook 14inch, M1 Monterey OS.

Question I have is this CPU usage normal? Are they are any updates that coming that can improve this. I am using V13 so it should be ok on M1, correct?

Look forward to feedback on this, thanks in advance.

I’m not sure about NX, but it certainly is for the Abbey Road plugins, especially the reverbs.

The higher the quality, the higher the calculations, the higher the CPU load. Unfortunately, in a universe governed by physics this will always be the case. But the high CPU plugins of today will quickly become the low CPU plugins of tomorrow. Meanwhile there will be something newer to take away your CPU power.

Thanks the funny thing is I demoed the new Waves Germano studio plugin this only uses 5% CPU. All versions are v13.0.0 so not sure what is going on. I am using stereo version for all plugins. Snaphot below.Also compared with Activity monitor and similar issue.

Oh right, yeah the M1 thing. It might be that while the older plugins do run natively, they might not be optimised for M1 yet. Possibly.

If that is true, though, then we might be waiting for V14 for the optimisations. There are A LOT of plugins they need to refine.