CLA EPIC power hog

Is it just me or does anyone else have a huge power spike on the performance meter when loading instances of EPIC? No other plugins do this but when trying to use this in the same way CLA does his reverb/delay, i need to put them on each track where i want the possibilty of automating. As soon as i have like 3 instances of EPIC i start popping due to overloading my cpu.
Apart from upgrading my specs or stuff like that is there anything waves can do to lower the usage??


There is A LOT of stuff going on under the hood with Epic, not to mention any oversampling that might be going on.

It’s not really the kind of plugin you want on every track, just maybe one or two on the whole mix. I actually think thats what CLA does with the real deal. Between the 4 reverbs and 4 delays and configuration possibilities he has enough there to use on the who mix. In actual fact he probably has 4 sends to use between them, not just one.

That said, I do feel that disabling the modules should offload the CPU, as opposed to bypassing them where you would want them on standby for automation. I did post some feedback to them a while back, unfortunately it seems that nothing has come of it.

You could always post some feedback yourself. The more people, the better as they will more likely to consider these kind of CPU optimisations.

indeed, thanks for the response. I shall have a mess around with it this week to see what can be done and will psot back here!

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