CLA MIXHUB destroying my cpu in logic pro x

Hi guys

I love the mixhub setup but it is killing my ram cpu amd everything else i. Logic when i mixdown my track. And i place it on all my tracks because want one kind of sound etc. Any way of a work around? Dont necessarily want to use the lite version for lack of knowledge on what it is capable of

Please help it kills my creativity. Song literally plays for 2 seconds then crash

Hello…i am new to this tool. I get lost so easy in a big mix, and is something that’s been on my mind this week as i’ve been more proactive with markers and colouring in my projects.
That said, the latency, the hassle with loading up the sender plugin to each track your want to put through the MixHub etc. May overweight the positives, which is why i was asking the question really. i.e. Is the latency an issue in Logic, is it more of a chore than a useful tool?

@richakoustic1 Hi Rich, welcome here :slight_smile:
CLA MixHub is a relatively high CPU consumer as it has an FIR EQ (Impulse response-based)
The lite component uses using a shorter FIRs and saves up to 30% CPU.
Regarding the local issues you experience - crash in Logic, please Email Tech Support

Hi @AvrilPress, welcome and thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

To answer your question, CLA MixHub Adds by itself only 59 samples @48Khz which are ~1.2 ms of latency. If you’re experiencing any significant change in latency when adding the plug-in in Logic, I suggest Contacting Tech Support

What I suggest is…

  • Turn modules off if you’re not using them
  • Use the "lite version on secondary tracks, elements that are mixed soft and pushed into the background.
  • Make use of Freeze “pre-fader”
  • Make use of Summing Stacks by grouping like elements together, like all your kicks and snares, etc and place an instance on the Summing Stack.
  • Free up other resources by using low CPU effects on secondary mix elements
  • Minimise the number of reverbs you use, especially CPU expensive ones.
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