Abbey Roads Studio 3 Request

After using the Abbey Roads Studio 3 the past few days I have to say I am very impressed with the sound it provides. I understand the plugin is more geared to mixing but I would love to see the plugin be availiable to use in the pc enviroment also just like the original NX software. As mentioned in the promotional videos, the room isnt just good for production but also to enjoy your music, and after trying my playlists in it… I completely agree! please do it…



I think it make sense having something like this available a time the system level. Not just for personal enjoyment, but you may be working with several DAWs or using something like iTunes for referencing.

It also helps you avoid that horrible mistake of accidentally forgetting to bypass it when bouncing!:

Another vote for this feature. The plugin makes headphones really sound like speakers ‘in air’

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