Cla mixdown pop and crackle

Hello first post/question

I just added cla mix down.

It really brightens the mix but I’m getting some pops and crackle here and there with it activated. When I remove it or turn it off its fine.

I’m fairly new to home recording and this might be a common easily fixable thing.

I soloed each track and it seems to be random on what ever track is playing at that time and its only when the cla mix down is active.

Any thoughts or help appreciated

I’m using an i7 win10
32 gb ram
Presonus studio one 5 pro


Hi Corey,

Which version of CLA Mixdown are you using? (V9-V12)
Are the crackles indicated by CPU peaks as well?
What Sample rate is your session set to?
To what Buffer size are you set? have you tried a higher rate?

I’m using v12
No peaks indicated
I’ve changed buffer and sample rates just to rule it out.

I’ve adjusted input and output of cla and went through every preset just to see but get the same pops and crackle. I Opened other song files just in case it is something in particular in that original file but I get same results only when cla is running. When I deactivate it everything is fine on all files.

Its the only plugin that is doing it when I activate any other plugin I have on the same bus it is fine.

It seems only to be cla mixdown.

Figured it out my buffer size is too low.

I’m at 128 for recording/monitoring… I’m running a bunch of plugins so I guess the cla mixdown just put it as 1 too many.

I changed my buffer to 512 I think and everything cleared up

I prefer to work at 128 as well, especially as I write and track. Though, there are times, certain instruments and certain plugins that force me up to avoid the “crackle”. It’s a bit of an inconvenience, though I it does make sense.

Plugins like CLA are doing so much under the hood to provide us with the A grade sonics of 4 reverbs and 4 delays, its understandable that that it might not be able to do all the calculations required within a small buffer size of 128. Especially with all the other things your computer the DAW us expected to do at the same time.

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