Abbey Road Studio 3 and Nx Germano Plug-ins are CPU HUNGRY in surround sound 5.1

I know that even though you advertise on the website that you can Mix 7.1 and 5.1 on headphones … it only really works in stereo only. Can’t even run it in surround sound without it crashing the audio engine inside the DAW.

In supported hosts Waves Audio only lists 2 DAWs it supports in surround sound, but on the main webpage Waves Audio does not mention this! Waves Audio webpage fails to mention that surround sound is only supported via Nuendo 12 and REAPER 6.

My processor is powerful enough to handle surround sound. I own both Sonar Producer 8.5.3 and Cakewalk by Bandlabs…both support surround sound. Yet your software requires tons of CPU for surround sound.

I have tried the plug-ins in 5.1 and they are maxing out my CPU for running on Audio Only with no other plug-ins running. Using Waves Audio Abbey Road Studio 3 5.1 or Nx Germano Studios New York.

I am putting this post up to remind Waves Audio to fix this issue, someday?

I would put it in Feature Requests, but since the feature is already there… I’m guessing it’s a major bug of some kind. My DAW almost crashes trying to run it, lucky it just stops the audio engine instead!