CLA-76 and Renaissance DEesser do not show up in folders after installation

Hey guys!

I recently purchased these 2 Waves Plugin, and now I find myself in a code 15 situation.

I Bought both plugins mentioned being CLA-76 and Renaissance DEesser, opened and updated Waves Central 13.5.3, activated the license and clicked install (that’s the process usually). I then made sure my DAW (FL STUDIO 12) plugin management path was indeed routed to the appropriate folder as I did with my previous purchase being SSL channel and Transient X/Wide (which both works perfectly fine).

I noticed datas, folders, files were all installed properly. Presets and bundles are showing up in their folders but I might have a little hard time finding the .dll source for both plugins. Why can’t my DAW load or even recognize these new installations? I also started to read more about the VL14 update in case I missed a few details on their products before buying them, turns out there’s some kind of update/subscription plan with Waves. Is this why the 2 plugins aren’t showing up at all? Do I have to pay monthly in order to use them?

Can’t find a workaround for my plugins; they did install and here’s what I got as a reference.

CLA-76 compressor/limiter (Not showing up)
Renaissance DEesser (Not showing up)

SS-L E Channel (Working)
Transient X/Wide (Working)

EDIT: files do not appear in Program files/Program files (x86) common files/VST3?

2nd EDIT: I just checked all of the scanning option on FL studio and they took away
SSL E Channel (Mono)
Transient X Wide (Mono) and the entire other half of the plugin bundle from my DAW.

After 4 hours of constantly updating, clicking combinations of buttons, repairing and updating files, uninstalling and veryfing licenses. All of the .DLL files were re-added to my plugin manager. I now have retrieved all of my lost installations plug-ins! The VL14 files have also magically been created.

I don’t know what happened.

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It could have been an FL thing. It does seem to have a few issues relating to its plugin scan functionality that tends tor rip up a few users.

And if it has a problem scanning them you certainly wouldn’t see them.