Can't launch Waves Central at all (Windows 10)

What you said is far from applicable. This issue is a waves and only a waves problem. Hence why some in this thread have had their issue fixed by waves. Also who said I was using a 6 core processor? I certainly didn’t. I certainly am not.

It is far from applicable because I was responding to @TheOfficialRaySr’s post, not you’re own.

Sorry for the confusion.

Same problem here. I have a bazillion Waves plug-ins and all of the sudden Waves Central won’t launch and I get the same, giant error message. I’ve shut off my antivirus, did ‘sfc /scannnow’ as Admin (no issues found), and now I’m just wasting time when I should be monetizing it. It’s possible that a recent Windows update is responsible, but I’m not having issues with any of my other software products and Microsoft is not going to help me so I’d like to know the actual solution, if anyone has found one, that works. Please, and thank you. This is incredibly frustrating.

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I came across someone earlier who stated similar behaviour because Central auto updated and now won’t run on their system. To be honest, if this is the case, I think its a simple oversight with the whole “automatic update” process they introduced.

Waves don’t benefit from forcing Central updates on people if it no longer works. It just means Tech Support will be more busy solving problems for users that could’ve been easily prevented. Not the best allocation of money.

It might be worth raising with Tech Support and make them aware of it, so they can maybe do an OS check before updating.

The main issue here isn’t corruption with WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) even though that is indeed a problem. The problem is that Waves Central relies on this to work. I know of no other software plug-in that I own that does this.

Granted, Waves tech support is super helpful and responsive but all that goodness doesn’t make a difference if you can’t resolve the issue without rescuing your computer by reinstalling Windows to repair it (this is what I’m going to have to do because all other solutions have failed).

I don’t even know what caused the corruption or when it occurred, but I suspect a Windows update is to blame. Even still, while I can update all my other plug-ins in this current state, I won’t be purchasing any Waves plugins because I can’t even install them currently. I would kindly ask Waves to change their copy protection to a more stable solution. In the meantime, I’ll be going elsewhere because I can’t afford the downtime when Ableton and all my other plug-ins are working fine. Looks like FabFilter is about to get a new customer.

I tried posting a link to a solution that many have found working but this forum won’t let me… so I guess you’ll have to Google it.

This is why I hate proprietrary installers - I foresaw this kind of thing happening.
I am on Windows 7 and was expecting I might have issues in this case - But I had a sneaking suspicion that it would not only be Win7 users who’d have issues opening the software.
This whole system puts users in such a precarious position, that it makes me want to steer clear of all such plugins. There are complex work arounds for my case scenario - but it’s unneccesarily complicated and reminds me why I had decided not to use plugins from certain developers.

Hi Guys,

Hope you all had a great weekend, I want to clear up some information discussed here.

The discussion in the thread mixes three different issues using Waves Central that derive from different reasons and all have different solutions.

  1. A WMI repository error message is a : WIndows-related error that indicates a Windows-related issue. Waves Tech Support will only be able to assist with Waves-related errors/issues, Not running a Windows repair or fixing WMI repository files that prove to fix the reported error, as the Windows error message suggests.

  2. Central has encountered a System permissions error : Contact Technical Support directly, do not waste time trying to fix it or potentially block your computer running scripts, instead of allowing a Waves representative to troubleshoot properly.

  3. Windows 7: Since Windows 7 is outdated and longer supported by Microsoft itself, I find the Workaround linked here quite helpful, considering the circumstances of an outdated unsupported OS.

Have a great week. :metal:

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Hello everyone,

I recently have this error on my windows 10 and after to search everywhere i found this solution to reset the WMI that’s the issue.

"I go to WMI Control in Computer Management under “Services and Applications” and select “More Actions” → Properties, it displays the following:-

Failed to initialize all required WMI classes.

Win32_Processor: WMI: Invalid class

Win32_WMISetting: WMI: Invalid class

Security information: Successful

Win32_OperatingSystem: WMI Invalid class"

https:// learn . microsoft . com/en-us/answers/questions/684166/failed-to-initialize-all-required-wmi-classes

Go to YouTube and look up “How to repair or rebuild the WMI Repository on Windows 10” in TheWindowsClub channel.
This should help fix that issue if anyone is having problems. Worked for me