Waves Central system Permission error

Hi all,
I am having problems with opening Waves Central.
I get the message: Central has encountered a System permission issue.

I have uninstalled, downloaded and re-installed Central but I can’t get passed that message.

It all began because I had issue with running NX Ocean, so I first started Central, cleared the cash in settings and after testing to see if Nx Ocean got fixed, I went back in Central, Settings and clicked on Clean… I think this might be the reason why now Central is not even starting.

I have Windows 10 Home with the latest update up to today 24-03-2022.
Can someone please help? I have submitted a couple of tickets with the support team but not sure how long it is going to take them to reply.

Thanks in advance.

Finally I managed to fix the problem by myself.

Very disappointed with Waves tech support… or should I say the luck of support.
I opened a ticket and the only message from waves was an automated email.
I thought Waves was a serious company that it looked after their customers… I was wrong!

If someone has similar problem with Central, I resolved my problem by opening Central with Administration privileges. The deletion of the Waves folder in the Appdata in Windows and the creation of a new Windows account as suggested in another post, did not resolve the problem.

Hopefully this may help someone else.

They’re usually quick and responsive. Ask around, they have a pretty good rep for being timely and helpful.

You must have just got them on a bad day.